Over time, I get asked a ton of the same stuff, FAQs and whatnot. Here's a list of the most commonly asked ones and the answers. :) 

1- What is the reading order of [insert series name here]?
Reading order for each series is as follows:

The Illumine Series

A Shard of Ice Novellas
An Ice Princess Heart
An Ice Princess Kiss
An Ice Princess Symphony
An Ice Princess Dream

The Black Symphony Saga
A Shard of Ice
A Brush of Fire
A Breath of Life

The Dream Chronicles
Lucid Echelon

Stand Alone Novels
The Unwanted
A Fire Princess Torn (A Brush of Fire Novella)

2- When did you first start writing? 
Does it count when I used to think two pages made an entire story? I 'started' writing around my early Middle School and High School years, dabbling here and there with fan-fiction-esque writing on RPG forums. From there, it sort of went crazy. Writing was all I could, and still can, think about.

3- I'm a blogger/book reviewer, and would love to review one of your books! How can I get a copy?
First, you totally get a gold star for being interested in anything I write. Seriously. Second, unless it's a giveaway, I very rarely have spare physical copies of my books. Ebooks are different, and I can send those out usually within the week of receiving a request. At this time, however, I'm only sending out requests to those who can turn around with reviews in a specific timeframe. Reviews help us little mighty writers out more than most people know. I feel like a green-eyed demon for saying that, but I don't want to lie about why I'm not just passing out book copies left and right.

4- Do you have or send out ARCs of your books?
Read #3. But to answer, very rarely do I have or send out ARCs of my books. Those who usually get them are signed up on a blog tour and will complete the tour with a review of the book available.

5- How many books will there be in [insert series here]?
Some series have set-in-stone book counts to them, others are kind of fluctuating based on what goes in each book and if there is still untold story that needs finishing. Currently, the Illumine Series is slated for six books, the Black Symphony is set at five books, and the Dream Chronicles set at three.

6- What is the release date of [insert book title here]?
Please see my Release Schedule page for all the info there. I try to update it every few months, or as I get more information about things throughout the year.

7- I'd love some signed swag, or author goodies! Can I get some?
Totally! I host a variety of giveaway on my Facebook page throughout the year, usually one every week or two, passing out things like signed bookmarks, necklaces, cups, t-shirts, tote bags, and more. Make sure to check my Facebook page if you want to grab some goodies.


  1. Your new site design looks awesome! I've been thinking about transferring my blog on Wordpress over to Blogger and have been looking for a template only similar in that the posts only show their previews. Is that simply a template on here that I've missed? Or did you go in and add some CSS? Thank you!

    1. Hey Sabrina. :)
      I downloaded this template off of a website that had about 250+ free templates for usage. Fell in love with this one, and it's all water under the bridge now! If you're looking for ones similar to this, check out Google and search for 'free blogger templates'. You'll get a huge running list of websites touting tons of different styles, and I'm sure you'll find one you'll love. <3

  2. is the black symphony saga coming out in the UK?