Friday, July 8, 2011

No, this is not a big sloppy wet kiss. And yes, the cake here is not a lie.

I felt like I had to blog after my explosion after the past few days. It all just went in this crazy, beautiful whirlwind of flying Tweets, comments, ideas and new friendships. And now I want to share all of it with YOU.

Illumine went up on Wednesday, July 6th. In two days, my blog got 116 hits. Small by most standards, but considering I was releasing a single chapter, and because I'm so new to the world, THIS WAS HUGE. I owe this to all, yes ALL, my friends on Twitter, Facebook, my cousin Alicia, and boyfriend Tim. Each and every one of you contribute in some way to those counts, and I have to thank you for that.

From all this commotion, or by straight up kismet, I was featured in an online paper called The YASaves Report. Again, it's small, but to me? FREAKING. HUGE. I actually took a screen shot to send to Tim because I was in disbelief.

Between a few new friends who turned out to be Harry Potter fanatics as well, I was invited to a blog tour. Me. In a blog tour. I screamed for that one. (We're still planning the TOP SECRET events of that, but look for the #PotterChat hashtag on Twitter soon! I promise to tell more as soon as the gag order is reversed. -wink-)

After the first day of Illumine's reveal, I received a few messages from close friends who gave me both criticism and told me what they loved about it. So, Katie W., Alicia, and Lily, thank you girls.

The icing on the cake? When I saw my friends jump and rise to the challenge of helping me hit my first 100 followers on Twitter. That marked my third and consecutive day of straight up happiness. And it's all because of each and every one of you. Seriously. I don't know what I would do without you guys. So, to keep my promise, I give you... DIGITAL CAKE!


  1. Anytime, my luff! :D Happy to help, always!

  2. Aww you're so frigging cool!!! :D

    Cake looks good but where's the chocolate?

    Oh well... I remember when I was first included in a daily, that was freaking unbelievable, lol. I suppose that's better than passing it without a second glance (no way, I don't do that).

    I am excited about the super-secret-super-harry-surprise too! *happy sigh*

  3. Congrats and much success to you! Having just had a bunch of exciting things happen to me this past year or so on the same sort of scale, I really feel your excitement. Very cool!


  4. To Katie, <3!

    To Lyn, oh noes! I forgot the chocolate! No worries, I'll add a photo of the delicious confection to my next blog post. Mwahahahahahaha. And yes! Harry Potter shenanigans!

    To James, thank you so much! The positive people and following I've found myself in is just beyond wonderful. I truly am one of the lucky ones to have found such open-hearted people who are brave storytelling souls. I hope you continue to have bigger special events happen for you!