Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Laugh at yourself first, before anyone else can." - Elsa Maxwell

It's a tough crowd out there, ladies and gents. In our tiny 24-hour window of a day we're given an insane amount of things to do- homework, chores, seeing friends and family, sports, the list just extends and extends and keeps on extending. Oh, and here's the real kicker. You have to do it all perfectly. Not a hair can be out of place, and every project presented for you to complete has to be done with 100% precision. No big deal, right?

With that kind of tall order given, it's no surprise we've all got our super-serious face masks on, hiding that wonderful grin just beneath the surface. You know which one I'm talking about, the one that laughs when you spill juice all over yourself, or relaxes enough to breathe. That thing you do with your teeth and lips when you show 'em all off and mean it, not just because there's a delicious looking cupcake in front of you to be eaten. Unless you're a snake, then you don't really do that, you just kind of swallow everything whole, but I'm running off from my topic.

As crazy-robot-like humans in today's world, we never take enough time to stop and smell the roses. Crack a joke. Laugh a little! Ever see those segments in movies where two parents watch their kid get a kick out of bubbles or ripping paper and wish they could laugh like that? Umm, they can! And so can you.

We try to hide our flaws and insecurities so hard, it's like a second job. Trust me, I've been there and done that. High School was the biggest joke of my life. I must have pretended to like anything to get anyone to stop for a second and agree with me. And anything embarrassing from my past? Oh hell, I covered that up so bad. One of my worst moments was the first time I wrote my first PG-13+ moment with a close friend. When we read it back, it sounded more like my character was leaving to go to a bakery and get a muffin, not do, ahem, unsavory things with his partner. I was teased about this for years. And instead of laughing it off, I let it eat me alive. Looking back now, I can laugh it off and just say it was a mistake, but in that moment, I was petrified.

I tend to look at things like this these days. I could sit down and stress all day that I'm 20 and haven't published, that I opted to not go to college, that those last few pounds aren't coming off as easily as I'd want them to, the list could go on. Instead, I take a moment and tell myself I'm going to do all in my power and take it one day at a time. Books weren't written overnight, college will still be there if I decide to go later, and those last few pounds will only be better when they come off with hard work and patience.

If that doesn't work, I look up this video.

So wherever you are, whatever you're doing, take a second. Breathe! The world honestly isn't going to end tomorrow. Make the best of whatever you've got going on in your life and give the glass a look at it being half-full, not half-empty. And if you're feeling really gutsy, laugh off that embarrassing moment.

So let's hear it! What's one of your embarrassing moments? (That you're willing to share!)


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