Friday, November 11, 2011


Inspiration, we find it everywhere these days! The back of a pick-up truck, vacation, poems, other stories, maybe even in the sour milk hiding in the back of your fridge (you might want to throw that out, by the way) inspiration hides in every nook and cranny of our lives, right down to the metaphorical fabric of life that holds everything in place.

I had one of these moments today. Go figure that it's a Friday so I'm working, but instead of working my typical day at the sports store and not-so-secretly staring at Chase Utley on the wall, I'm working a craft show for my Mom at a local menonite home. It's the one craft show I always volunteer to do for her just because I have so much fun (and because all the locals seem to remember and not hate my face, a huge bonus.)

I had intended to get through the day mostly selling the jewelry my Mom crafted and sneak in a bit of writing here and there when I had the chance. Until I saw the picture on the stand across from me. There, across the way, sat the most beautiful picture of a wintry road like the ones I was writing about in Illumine. Natalie Searl and her wicked winter photo just sort of, how do I put it, made my inside go all squiggly-wiggly. And just like that, words formed inside my head to the picture I impulsively bought with good reason, Essallie's voice leaping all around in my skull.

Where have you found inspiration? Was it in a place you least expected it?


  1. Great post!
    I once found inspiration while riding on the bus over a bridge I cross twice every day. One day it just clicked.

    Another time I was at a funeral and a story line formed after watching a older woman in front of me pull out what appeared at first to be a walkman with earphones (I think it was some sort of amplifier actually)

    Sometimes it's the most unlikely places that you be inspired!

  2. Hey Angie!

    Thanks you for the comment! I still always get a little giddy responding to posts on my blog (I'm secretly very giddy about it, it's lame I know.)

    I've heard of the occasional person getting inspiration at a funeral, but definitely not for seeing a woman pull out an amplifier that looked like headphones! Imagine if she was tuning out the service... I'm trying NOT to laugh.