Thursday, December 27, 2012

Upcoming Releases 2013

Holy crap, can you believe we only have a few more days in 2012? Take that, Mayans! 

Aside from my goofy outburst above, I figured I'd post a little update on some upcoming release dates! This is all a little rough, so things might flux around their releases, but my goal is to do my best and stick as close to specific release dates as possible. 

Here's what we've got coming up for all of 2013! 

The Illumine Series: Volume I - Combo paperback of Illumine and Obumbrate (February 2013) 

Ethereal - Novella of Rinae and Tegen from the Illumine Series pre-Riven (March/April 2013) 

Swimming Songbird - Anthology published through Red Alice Press (May 2013)

Unwanted - Stand-alone New Adult dystopian (July 30th, 2013)

Hallowed - Anthology published through Red Alice Press (October 2013)

An Ice Princess Heart, An Ice Princess Kiss, An Ice Princess Symphony, An Ice Princess Dream - Black Symphony Saga novellas pre-Shard of Ice (Fall 2013/Summer 2014) 

Untitiled - the final book to the Illumine Series, name TBR (December 2014) 

I know it doesn't look like much, but there's a lot of work in that tiny little sheet. And that doesn't include all the drafts I'll be finishing between these, drafts that'll turn into books for 2014 and beyond. I'll be lucky if I see the sun at all this summer. -sniffle-


  1. Whaa...? You mean Riven isn't the final installment? And we have to wait for 2014? The end no less? And to think we're only just about to begin 2013...My poor heart can't keep up with the thought of 2014 releases.

    1. I know, don't strangle me! I'm hoping that I can bump that up to sometime early 2014, or even December of 2013 if things run exceptionally smooth. Normally I'd put the petal to the metal to finish a book, but since it's the last one, I want it to be as perfect as possible and plan time for editing, beta readers, early reviews, all that good fuzzy stuff.

    2. Awww. Much as I'm reluctant to admit it, I do see where you're coming from. ;) Good luck! By the way, did you get my email?

  2. It's safe to say these books took over my life. I read all of the Illumine series in 5 days. Just finised Riven 10 minutes ago and my first thought was "oh my god. there better be more" and I instantly jumped onto my laptop to research and then I found this and my heart sank. A year? BUT ESSALLIE AND KAYDEN AND ARI. I NEED TO DETETERMINE AT OTP HERE. I understand you want it to be perfect, but oh my god. I just can't even right now. These books are just sheer perfection. I haven't read like this, ever. And I just read over 1,000 pages in barely 5 days.