Thursday, January 31, 2013

Phew! Okay, looks like I'm going to be late on this one. >.<

One of my favorite indie authors, and fellow mentor-guide-person-of-awesomeness, Willow Cross, is having a cover reveal today. Yay! It's a beautiful new set of covers to her Oceans of Red series, and the best part is, with these new covers comes some equally cool news. But first, cover love time!

Definitely a wicked, dark, and eye-catching pair of covers!

Okay, so you want the awesome news coming with these sweet covers? Willow Cross' Oceans of Red series is being made into a WEB SERIES! They're doing casting calls soon, how's that for a HOLY FREAKING CRAP moment?! Congrats, Willow, I hope it's huge!

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