Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I tried to give myself a few days before blogging about this, because, you know, the last thing I wanted to do was spam a million exclamation points and words in caps all over the internet like a wildly over-exaggerated 10 year old discovering a keyboard for the first time.

Emphasis on the word 'tried' up above.

So I've got one hell of a huge whopper of sweet and sassy, super short but jam-packed awesome news.

I'm working on a publishing contract with Glass House. As in, signing a book deal. As in, signing MULTIPLE books. This deserves a Supernatural gif.


Two secret projects I've been expanding on are up for the contract, and while I can't say which ones, I can say that one is a YA Fantasy, and the other is a YA Sci-Fi/Dystopian. As long as no major hiccups happen down the road, you'll get to see these babies in 2015, which is SQUEE WORTHY! 

But wait, you ask, what about all your other stuff? The final Illumine novel (that still has no name), and your debut A Shard of Ice, and Unwanted? 

Those are all still set for their release dates, and are all still being self-published by me. GHP and I both agreed it would be best to keep those in my hands while giving them some of the top secret stuff I've been hoarding in my house like... well a hoarder. 

So Unwanted will still be out in July (ermahgosh, nerves) and the last Illumine novel AND A Shard of Ice will arrive in 2014. 

But until then, it's off to the writing hole for me. Only this time, I've got one hell of a grin plastered on my face. 

Ladies and gents, a'this gal is getting her Cinderella moment, her dream come true. <3 

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  1. Haha! And you said you were excited for me? OMFG!! This is so great!! You've come so far, and I'm proud of you!! <3