Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm in-between book releases right now, so I don't really have anything sparkling and new to show you all. Yet. We're slowly inching to the release of Unwanted on July 30th, and then later on the first novella to A Shard of Ice, titled An Ice Princess Heart, releases October 28th.

Sooooo while I continue to stare at my screen and slowly go blind, I figured there might as well be a little happy giveaway of some sort when my Facebook hit 1900 peeps. We're sitting pretty at 1906 now, so dun dun dun dunnnnn, crack out the burritos and sour cream, I've got goodies for you guys and gals to win!

Here's the goodie list:

(2) Two delicious swag bags with signed bookmarks of Illumine, Obumbrate, Riven, and A Shard of Ice

(1) Mini-heart pendant replica of Essallie's white heart from the Illumine Series

Ready, set, go!

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