Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I have a confession; I've been a little whacky and a whole lot of insane. 

Okay, so that isn't really much of a confession, but here is a confession; I've been stashing some last-minute 'sekrit' news from all of you. I'm sorry, really I am! It's not like I don't like being on Facebook, or Twitter, or Blogger, or anywhere on the internet or in person where I run into people and chat and tell lame jokes that people seem to enjoy laughing at. It's because there's only twelve (12!!!) days until A Shard of Ice comes out, and I'm doing this sad little thing called last-minute-why-do-I-do-this-to-myself edits. Between sleeping on the couch, cooking breakfast at all hours to stay alive and fed, and forgetting to shower, my week has sort of looked like this…

"But why did you wait until the last minute to edit this mammoth book, Alivia? Do you really enjoy torturing yourself like this, so close to a deadline?"

I'm sure at least one of you (other than my family and friends) is thinking that right now. Honestly, it's a ying-yang sort of answer. One one hand, I thrive under pressure in ways I cannot express. Magic just sort of spills from my brain. I can't explain it, but I can tell you it certainly helped me graduate High School. 

But right now I'm sort of regretting it. Because I've been spending nearly every hour awake, on a computer, frying my eyeballs in the name of making sure Lilix's story is clear, strong, and flows well. 

So yeah. There's that. But yes, I did have all winter to do this. And technically it should have been done back in February when I was supposed to have these stinkin' edits finished. It's a long story as to why none of that happened, one that involves a near-ER trip for a sinus infection, dropping nearly forty (yes, 40) pounds in less than a month, and realizing I had to change something or die, but I'll save the details for that for another blog post. 


So the good news first, then a giveaway winner second!

Good news? Ahhh, yes. The news I'm super crazy excited to tell you all about involves that shiny new book, A Shard of Ice, that releases in 12 days. Pre-orders for the paperback and hardback have been up for a while now, and I've been able to see a bunch of you guys grabbing the hardback (which, by the way, makes me feel INCREDIBLE. It's the cover, isn't it? That shiny cover totally pulled you in.) and a few of you picking up the paperback, too. 

Well, if you've been on the fence for buying a hard copy because you just have to read the book the day it releases, hop over to the dark side. JOIN US. Why? Because if you pre-order any hard copy of the book, paperback OR hardback by April 10th, and email proof to, you'll get an ebook copy the day of the release. So it's like buying a hard copy and ebook at the same time! How freaking cool is that?! It's all included in the tab labeled PRE-ORDER, so click that for the details!

And lastly, a giveaway winner announcement from the masquerade pendant and signed copy of ASOI from Facebook! Hold onto your hats…

Chelle H., do as the picture says, or else. You're the wicked winner of that sweet pendant and signed book!

Alright, that's it, I'm out. These edits aren't going to do themselves. Until later. :)


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