Friday, June 3, 2011

Ohhhhhhh how I loathe blogging. Correction; I loathe starting a blog post. All I ever think about as I stare at the screen is why I can't come up with a witty, informational piece to inspire others to read me, or why I can't just share my whole novel, Illumine, for all of you to read on here, right now.

I think I can answer the first part easily; I am not a naturally witty person. I am one by trial and error. As terrible as this sounds, I trolled friends online for years to see when I got away with witty, side jabs and remarks versus when I crossed boundaries and made them hate me for months on end and never tell me, they'd just ignore my texts or random commenting on their facebook page. I guess this is my subtle form of an apology, but not really because then I would have to drop the witty act and lose my hold on my snarky vampire, Dimitri, who I'm pretty sure isn't actually named Dimitri either. So to my sane friends, I'm sorry my inner character enjoys trolling you at the most inconvenient times.

The second, while terribly demeaning, is glaringly obvious; I'm not all that smart. I'm not calling myself dumb by any means, but I am hinting that when people joke and ask me if I was dropped on my head one too many times as a kid, well, joke's on you, buddy. I rode my noggin like a personal unicycle and have all the lumps to prove it. So I'm only 60 watts instead of 100, meh. I like looking at the empty space as more room for all the troll like characters I'll craft in the middle of the night for the sole purpose of driving one of my MCs completely bonkers.

Sadly, the third part makes me sadder than the whole blog post. I want to share my happiness with all of you, I dream of letting everyone read Essie and her coming into her gift, but it's just not edited enough yet. I want to make my first book the best I can offer lacking a publishing house, agent, and all that stuff. As soon as I edit the first draft, it's getting shoveled to about ten or so people to critique, rip, tear, maul, love, hug, and cry about to help me fix the terrible of it and polish the perfect within it. Everyone wants to have things fast, trust me, I caved on my iPad only days after deciding to want it and I split for Best Buy and bought it instantly. It just sucks that some things, like books, require time to bubble and boil over the writer's stove-noggin before they're ready to digest.

I'd post a sad face with this, but that wouldn't do all the trolling characters in my head justice. Plus, I just wrote a whole new blog post, so now I'm no longer fuming and instead grinning from ear to ear. Now where to end it...?

Oh yeah. Here.


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