Thursday, June 16, 2011

Okay so, I have a few things I realize I needed to remedy from before on one of my last blog posts, and then post more stuff that may or may not ever be read by anyone other than me, my boyfriend Tim (I know you creep my page, honey) and a few friends.

Remember how I said I had multiple things go talk about after the whole WSJ article? Well, I originally did.
I don't remember them now. Moving on! (In restrospect, this sounded funnier in my head than it is on here.)

But honestly, I do have a thing or to I wanted to write about. First, I'm crazy beyond excited to say that I'm going on vacation next week! Five days of beach and the boy, and I'm a lady melting into a puddle of water on the floor just thinking about it. We keep reminding each other every day as we count down to the big day. This Tuesday, we celebrate our year anniversary together. Is it weird that I never actually thought I would spend a year with someone without strangling myself or my cat? (I promise you my cat is still alive!) Either way, it's going to be great. He even promised me tons of foot rubs and back rubs while I finish Illumine so I can actually start posting teasers for everyone to find online! And tons of seafood (my kryptonite) and maybe Red Bull? Mmmm, Red Bull. So yeah, I can promise-promise-promise that I will post my big teaser of Illumine in early July! Are you as excited as I am?! /happy twitch

But because of the whole vacation thing, I probably won't be chatting up with everyone on Twitter or compulsively searching for new inspiration. I probably won't really post on here for those five days, either, unless I have the utmost awesome thing to show everyone (which I'm sure will happen. I'm at the beach where shiny things come into my sight all the time. Wh doesn't love shiny things?!)

Then there's this little idea I'm pondering about posting a strictly online story, just a short one, like novella sized, and making a blog just for that but linking to it here so others can read and comment/suggest what could happen next. I love this kinds of interactive things. I actually started a lot of my intensive writing after spending years on RPG boards creating people from thin air and embodying them. I even ended up dragging a few close friends into the mix during Middle School and High School. If I ever grow the courage to some of the old stuff I have in the many notebooks in my bedroom, I'll post them up so you can see the insanity we created between classes. sister's listening to the Glee version of Friday by Rebecca Black. /twitch

I'm gonna go find the power box and claim we ran out of power. Ahem.

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  1. Have fun on vacation! That sounds fun :)

    Second, you made me cringe by reminding me I've heard the Glee version of Friday. Ugh. Happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.

    Also, I love shiny things too.