Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ever feel like there aren't enough hours in the day? I'm kind of in that boat right now. I'm going to post a short little update on the wildness in my life, but tomorrow I swear on my soul I will be posting a detailed, marvelous post on the giant event next week called ILLUMINE'S WISH. However, until then, here's my crazy list. 

- ILLUMINE, in ebook format, is FREE for the next 48. Yes, hours. Yes, I am crazy. Please download it, share it, be my knight in golden armor and run around your neighborhood proclaiming it. And give them this link!

- OBUMBRATE,  book two, finally has a cover! It will be revealed in all its glory on APRIL 20TH! I'm very proud of this, and I can very confidently say it's some of my best graphic design work. 

- LIMITED EDITION OBUMBRATE BOOKMARKS are up for grabs on FACEBOOK PAGE! All YOU have to do is get that page up to 400 likes and then I'll hold a huge drawing for them! 

- Tonight I will be at a charity event supporting a local hospital's burn unit, and while I'm selling my books there for donations, I figured I could extend the favor to my fans who aren't in the immediate area as well. So if you purchase a SIGNED COPY (right hand side of the screen) before 8PM EST, I'll donate 30% for each one bought. It's a kickass cause, and I'm proud to do this! Here's the Facebook page event about the charity hosting tonight!

- I'm pretty sure in the next month or so, not only will I have TIS website up and ready to run (THEILLUMINESERIES.COM) but I will open a cute little tab here offering some neat things like posters, bookmarks, t-shirts, all strictly made by me and my madness at home. Yay! 

- And lastly, if you can't keep your pants on for July to get a copy of OBUMBRATE, you are in luck! Tomorrow I will unveil just how you can get one of TEN, yes ten, ARCS of OBUMBRATE! MEGA YAY!! 

So until tomorrow, stay crazy, keep your eyes glued to my blog and remember, spinach is not very delicious on ice cream. Not that I know anything about this. 


  1. thanks a lot for the book!!!
    really appreciate it!!
    -martha :D
    p.s eww spinach!

  2. You're welcome, Martha!
    And yeah, spinach. Great on its own or in a salad. Not do good with vanilla ice cream.