Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holy smokes. It's almost 10PM and I didn't post this up yet for everyone! I'm so sorry! (Blame it on my... cat?)

First, in a totally non-grammy-winning speech sort of way, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped host, run, post about, and participate in the ILLUMINE'S WISH event. It was, in my opinion, a huge kick-butt success! I may not have pulled numbers like a well known author, but I'd like to think I did a buzzworthy number for someone still dipping her feet into the realm.

Winners for the different variety of prizes that were offered on a mix of blogs will be emailed or mailed out some time this week. I have it all sitting in my living room taking up approximately half of my floor and a loveseat, so... yeah. Kind of needs to get shipped soon before my family revolts on me for kidnapping the house with my stuff.

What I CAN announce in stark clarity are the winners of the ARCs of OBUMBRATE that was held right here on my blog. I will be emailing all the winners tomorrow, and those who don't get back to me within 48 hours I shall have to pass on and pick another. Standard policy and all the shnaz.

I know, I know. Get to the point, Alivia.

Alright, so the winners of the 5 ebook copies of OBUMBRATE are...

1- Christina Bahr
2- Jessica Haight
3- Helen Bush
4- Nancy Storey Allen
5- Alicia Marie Ezell

UPDATE: All five ecopy winners were emailed with the copies as of 10:40PM on May 6th! Please check your emails, ladies. 

Yay! Big round of applause to the first batch of winners!

Oh I know, you want to know about the paperback winners, too. No worries, I have them right here!

The winners of the 5 paperback copies of OBUMBRATE are...

1- Dana
2- Terri Matlock
3- Artemis
4- Vivien
5- Emily Rencich

A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge congratulations to all of you! I'd start keeping your eyes on the mail over the next week or so!

Don't forget, this Friday April 20th will be the cover reveal of OBUMBRATE right here on the blog! I believe it may be going on another blog or two as well (I've been hiding from my inbox) so don't be surprised if you see it popping around all weekend!


  1. That's fantastic!! Definitely congrats to all :)

  2. Yay!! I won a paperback arc!!! I haven't gotten an email yet though...