Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am not a happy unicorn.

(I'm not really a unicorn, either, so how that pertains to this, I'm not sure. Let's go with sleep deprivation!) 

Earlier this week, I shared a photo on Facebook that looked a lot like this: 

And inside, I was dancing. Happy, joyful dances of insane qualifications. Steph would have been embarrassed at how all-over-the-place I was (yes, it was THAT bad). And then I looked inside. 

Formatting. All. Wrong. 

Somewhere between my precious computer and the CS printers, weird things happened. Missing pages, miss-aligned pages, grey boxes around all of the font. It was a giant pile of yuck. 

Pretty sure that's not how a book is supposed to be. 
Needless to say, I'm pretty peeved. Hence the 'not a happy unicorn' comment above. A-ha! Even while made I can make lame connecting jokes in a blog post! 

So more or less, I'm waiting for a slipping label to ship these yucky books back and get a shiny new batch, which are scheduled to ship from CS's base on or around the 17th of July. If they ship on the 17th, I can tell you I'll have them by the 21st, so if all goes according to plan, anyone who has ordered a signed copy will get it by the end of the month. I'm really, truly sorry this happened, and it's completely out of my control, but you all deserve to know where the hold up is coming from, otherwise I would have sent them ASAP out to all of you! 

So until those new (and hopefully non-messed up books) come in, Obumbrate is definitely still up digitally for grabs on Amazon and B&N, respectively. I've got links right below this for you to click and grab it, if only to temporarily fend off the itch to read it until the paperbacks come in.  


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