Thursday, September 20, 2012

So lately I have been doing a mixture of working with the lovely Megan from Reading Away The Days and emailing a few of you personally for a little 'event' of sorts I have coming up. Now with RIVEN's cover having been revealed and all, I can happily begin madly promoting the event with a festive flurry reminiscent of peacock feathers. Because seriously, who doesn't love peacock feathers?

If the button above isn't quite your fancy, or if you aren't a fan of reading grey font on black backgrounds (yikes!) then read on, I'll fill you in! Thanks to Megan, RIVEN will be doing a hefty blog tour this winter, just in time for its wild release. And I'm making sure to pull out all the stops for this one. That's right, I'm not holding back any punches. 

A few of you have already emailed me from seeing some earlier posts and hints that I was looking for bloggers for the event- if I haven't emailed you back, check your box today or email me again. I get a cluster-mash of emails daily and things have been known to go to the wrong box, miss me entirely, I miss it, etc. Mainly it's me who misses the email, and then I feel like a shmuck afterwards for not seeing it, and inserting tons of apologies into a single email. But this time, I've got it all worked out. Those participating in the RIVEN tour will be marked here, in this post, updated daily if I need to. They'll also be on my calendar on my desktop, laptop, and highlighted with purple in my inbox tags. I want to be sure no one is missed this time! 

So let's say you want to participate in the tour and you're an author, or book blogger, or rabid fan who totally just wants to be in with the awesomeness. Email me with the subject line 'RIVEN Blog Tour Info' and I'll send you back the same email everyone else is getting. Currently I have the following spots filled: 

NOVEMBER 26TH - Book Excerpt via Reading A Little Bit Of Everything
NOVEMBER 27TH - Guest Post via Reading Away The Days!
NOVEMBER 28TH - Guest Post on being an Indie Author via Stan Brookshire AND Interview via We Do Write
NOVEMBER 29TH - Character Interview with ______ via Reading Under the Stars
NOVEMBER 30TH - Post via BelleBooks
DECEMBER 1ST - Book Reviews via Book Briefs
DECEMBER 2ND - Review of ILLUMINE via Roland Capablo
DECEMBER 3RD - Review of either ILLUMINE or OBUMBRATE via Just Me, Myself and I 
DECEMBER 4TH - Character Casting, Possible Review of ILLUMINE and OBUMBRATE via Michelle's Paranormal Vault Of Books
DECEMBER 5TH - Character Interviews with Essallie & Kayden via Hopelessly Devoted Bilbliophile AND Guest Post via Frankie Rose, Author of SOVEREIGN HOPE
DECEMBER 6TH - Post via Mademoiselle Le Sphinx
DECEMBER 7TH - RIVEN Release Day Party via Facebook + Twitter 
DECEMBER 8TH - Post via Uniquely Moi Books
DECEMBER 9TH - Guest Post on Writing Process + Reviews of ILLUMINE and OBUMBRATE via My Guilty Obsession

*List above is subject to change at any given time.

My #1 goal is to fill all those spots so at least one thing is going on every single day, two things if I can figure it, three if I get enough requests. And that list will change with every email I get and send out, so please don't wait if you're curious about anchoring a spot for the day. 

That being said, notice where it says DECEMBER 7TH? That's RIVEN's release date, and throughout that whole day, I'll be slamming Facebook, Twitter, probably post on Tumblr (still trying to figure that one out) and I'll even share some stuff through Google+ and Goodreads. But if you want to be right front and center for the release day (and possibly grab some seriously awesome winnings) you'll want to join the event on Facebook.  

And with that, I'm off to answer some emails! 

*UPDATE- December 2nd is now taken. 

*UPDATE- December 4th is now taken.
*UPDATE- November 26th, 28th, and December 1st, 3rd, and 6th are now taken.
*UPDATE- Blog names and more details have been added, and November 27th is now taken. 
*UPDATE- November 30th is now taken. 
*UPDATE- December 8th is now taken. All spots are filled! If you're reading this now and interested in booking along with someone on a certain date, I'm willing to take a few more on for the tour. 
*UPDATE- Frankie Rose joined in on the tour, HOW COOL IS THAT?! Seriously, mindblown over here. 


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