Saturday, May 7, 2011

I know I shouldn't start off a blog sounding very valley-girl by saying 'so', but I'm in too good a mood to care.



I don't know if many people know this, but I think I've discovered the key to opening your mind and letting your muse run wild and free, like a unicorn in a field of talking flowers where the talking flowers just so happen to give you this awesome advice on writing the next section of your Pretty Word Document. Ready for this?

I cleaned my room. /cue horror music

I know, this is probably one of those, "Oh holy crud, people do that? They actually clean?" The answer is yes, yes we do. See, I'd been starving, metaphorically speaking of course, and hadn't really written anything in about a week. Or at least nothing worthy of a happy smile. More or less it was just me mashing my left cheek against the keys, trying to make some magic happen. That, or I was playing with my ipod, hoping a song would come on and hit me with wonders and inspiration.

(Why can't I look that cool when I put in my ear-buds?)

But after hunting through Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a new clothes rack, you know, so all my clothes can stop living on my floor, I figured why not clean up the place and make it look a little less... hoarder-ish? Plus, I was getting tired of finding my cat sleeping on a t-shirt I was planning on wearing the next day. 

Over the hurdles of trash bags, the random cans of half-consumed soda I found hidden under my bed, and something that I think at one point actually resembled a plate with food but now looked like a fuzzy hairpiece for a balding man, I found out that not only did I have a floor underneath the mass, but it looks pretty freaking sweet when it's vacuumed. I felt like my day was almost complete, until I opened my clothes rack box and found the base centerpiece busted in half and attemptedly re-glued. (Yes, I know attemptedly isn't a word.)

Minor setback aside, everything seems to have worked out well. My Pretty Word Document, let's just call her PWD for now, gained 5k+ words. That's roughly a chapter and a half, but hey, I'll take it. Two days of writing in a row and I haven't stiffened up from fear! I love it. I actually read somewhere on Veronica Roth's blog to just barrel through the fear, jump off the building and into the water below, so to speak. I think I'm gonna take that to heart.  


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