Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why is it that the hardest post is always the first one? That sounds remarkably ironic coming from a writer, I know, but just work with me here. It's 12:03 am and I think my brain is completely fried.

I guess you could say that this blog is mainly for me to sputter out whatever the heck bounces off my head that won't end up in a story somewhere, or on my other primary blog that I take part of on a writing forum. That one is more up the alley of, "My boyfriend and I are fighting and I need a place to vent/scream/cry." Because as much as I love staying anonymous in my merry little world over there, I'd rather not drag old posts of me sobbing over an ex-boyfriend to here when I'm more interested in talking about my prized work I'm working on.

You see, I've been chewing over a story for the past almost-not-quite two years now, and it's finally coming into place. While I'm positive I've got the first title for it, I'm not so sure if it's going to stick just yet, so I'm holding off on a name for it and just calling it 'Pretty Word Document'. I promise, I'll come up with a better title later when the gods of my inner cranium bless me with a title.

I just hope I actually finish this little creation of mine. Not like I don't have an incentive to not finish it; most of my friends who have seen some of it didn't complain, and no one on the writing board I'm apart of didn't say it sucked, either. That's good, right?

I think I'm going to go back and mash my face to the keyboard now.


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