Monday, February 20, 2012

So right now it's 6:40PM EST. That means there's only... 5 hours and 20 minutes until the Official Launch Party for Illumine starts. Ummmm, WHERE DID MY WEEK GO? 

As of right now, there's just under 100 people signed up to partake in the Facebook event. I'm going to make sure that this is going to be one of those things that whoever comes to it, is never going to forget it. I've already promised cake, sneak peek book info for OBUMBRATE, a couple super-personal giveaways, some promos for other authors, the whole nine yards! One of my friends once said that when I do something, I either put no effort into it at all, or I go balls to the wall. 

This would be the latter, not the former. 

So what should these invitees expect to see throughout the day? 

I'm going to be posting videos on and off all throughout the day and answering YOUR questions. It could be questions about Illumine, Obumbrate, myself, random declarations of love, anything. No stone shall be left unturned! 

There is also a tiny rumor running around that I will be hosting the end part of the party/vlogging at the Barnes & Noble in The Promenade Shops of Saucon Valley. This isn't 100% BUT there is a big possibility. I will tell you all for certain if I am going to be there by tomorrow morning around 12PM EST, so keep your eyes peeled! 

Aside from that, I do have another funny post for you guys coming up on Wednesday that's friend related. Let's just say I might make it a habit to start posting more Sh*t My Friends Say segments, since my friends are never-ending buckets of ridiculousness when we're paired together. 

That's it for me for now! I've got a cake to go bake and some vlogs to prepare for. Zoinks. I'll see you all on Facebook tomorrow! 


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