Thursday, February 2, 2012

This whole week I have been freaking, hold that word, agonizing over a blog post. My brain is mid way to Obumbrate-land after a day or two to just chill out and network, double-check proof two of Illumine, fend off a rabid clown, the usual mess I go through on any given week. Yes, including the clown.

But I was at a loss at what to write! Karsten Knight and his super-writing fetus genes sort of took a vague idea of what I was initially going to post, and then I got slammed with ideas on book covers for Obumbrate and how I can take photos of smoke and use them because, well HELLO, I'm a graphic artist! I didn't buy Paint Shop Pro just because I thought the box looked cool. Not this time, anyway.

In my supreme desperation to make it look like I wasn't neglecting my blog, I sought out a couple of my closest friends on Facebook for some advice on engaging my followers and bringing more. I did have a theory of doing the whole 'giveaway' thing, but I wanted to hold off on that first and just be me. Maybe post pictures of my pre-brain days when I was RPing, or maybe let you guys in on why I can't say the words 'bakery' and 'muffin' in the same sentence without snickering. (/snicker) But before I could test my theory, I asked my friends for tips and help, stuff awesome friends should have tucked in their back pocket. This is what I got.

(For safety reasons, photos have been heavily blurred and last named blacked out.)



  1. LMAO, your friends are hilarious ♥!

    1. They're totally nuts, Heather. This is a common occurrence. And they wonder why I never take them seriously, haha!