Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Phew! It's Tuesday already? Why do my weeks keep running away so fast?

I had originally planned to give you all a second sneak peek into Obumbrate, the second book to Illumine, but I get so giddy at the thought of letting any more of it out that I just can't bring myself to post it! But fret not- if you haven't already read the first three segments I've posted, they're available right here! Hopefully the segments have you excited to read it as excited I am to release it this July!

In other totally-out-of-the-blue news, I can officially say I've started on a new dystopian series on the side as well. It's first book, titled Unwanted, is scheduled to come out next summer. It's not that I need an arm and a leg of time to write and fine tune it- it's that I'd like to focus on TIS first and get that well into itself before I start dedicating my mind to a new set of characters and their own insane issues. It could also have to do with the fact that the MC can't make up her mind and tell me if she wants to be called Emily or Rebbekah. Oh, the woes of a writer.

Recently I've picked up onto some of my favorite old pieces of music- specifically when ABC announced they were going to play Alice in Wonderland on TV. You know, the one that completely solidified my thoughts that Alice and the Mad Hatter would make the cutest couple on Earth? It also made me wonder about my birthday... and how very Unhappy it should be. I'm wondering if I can find the time to make an Alice in Wonderland dress to wear on my birthday and go with the cake I'm making. Oh, man, my brain could go on and on like this all day. Especially when you listen to this.


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