Thursday, October 25, 2012

As the months are winding down, and we're slowly (not slow enough) creeping towards Christmas and ultimately the end of the year, we're getting to my favorite time. 

Riven's Blog Tour! 

There's roughly a month solid until the mass event happens online, and all I can really say is, I'm so excited the urge to type in wild caps is starting to consume me. I'm holding back, but barely. BARELY. 


But in a semi nice way of me trying to tie you all over until the tour, I have three nifty things for you. One, ILLUMINE'S pretty facelift (with an author blurb from upcoming author PT McHugh! SQUEE!) RIVEN'S quote from another upcoming author Linda Foster, aaaaaand the blurb that's going on the back of the RIVEN paperbacks! 

It has a quote, ohmygosh. 

I'm in love. Utter, complete LOVE. 

But if you think that's cool, check out this one. 

Another quote! LOVEEEE.

And the blurb that I'm positive will probably have you Kayden-Essallie (would that be Eyden fans, or Kallie fans? I kind of dig Eyden) up in arms. 

One, Ari swerved into the clouded mass, knocking me aside and onto my shoulder. 

Two, an army of Vens ascended from the ceiling, surrounding us in our small defense. 

Three, Kayden’s eyes turned a violent, bold white, and he lunged for my throat.


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