Friday, October 19, 2012

I have a huge list of upcoming work. 

Surprise? Not really so much. If you've been lurking on my Facebook page, you'll notice I've been a little project-photo happy as of late. I figured before we all get confused on who and what is coming out and when, I'd sort of give you all a list of stuff to expect over the end of 2012 and into 2015. Each photo will be linked to its Goodreads page, so you can add all these pretties to your to-read lists! 


First, and easily the more exciting release to-date, is RIVEN. This pretty baby, the third to the Illumine Series, gets released December 7th. Essallie is about to get her butt both kicked, and kick some butt. I'd say this is probably the most action-filled one of the series yet, but you'll have to read it for yourself to discover the madness I've been brewing all summer long. 


Next on the list, is actually one book, and one novella. UNWANTED, a stand-alone YA dystopian novel I've been slowly working on, comes out July 30th, 2013. The date is still tentative, and could bump up or bump down depending on how much I get done over the winter season. 

And now it has two covers, which makes my decision for a cover hard. Oh, boy. 

Then comes the first novella to kick off the #WhoIsLilix hunt. AN ICE PRINCESS HEART is set for release sometime in July 2013, too. I can tell you for certain that the novellas are strictly a digital release, but you'll be able to get them through B&N and Amazon easily. 

The second novella to the #WhoIsLilix hunt, AN ICE PRINCESS KISS, releases sometime in September 2013. Again, it's only digital, but so very worth it to learn some neat pieces of who Lilix is before the SHARD OF ICE release. 

Third novella in the #WhoIsLilix hunt, AN ICE PRINCESS SYMPHONY, hits in November 2013. 

The fourth and last novella pre SHARD OF ICE release, AN ICE PRINCESS DREAM, releases January 2014. 

In April 2014, just a few months after all the novellas are out, the ever-gorgeous tale of Lilix, A SHARD OF ICE, the first in the Black Symphony Saga, hit shelves. I have a neat surprise for this book, too, but I can't share the details just yet. When we get closer, I'll make sure to clue you in to the surprise. -wink-

Not to mention, there's still the cover reveal for it... the picture below is only a teaser until next Spring. 

Cover reveal? Just wait for Spring 2013, you'll LOVE it.

And then, at last, there's one more book with a 2014 release date so far. This one doesn't even have a cover (yet), but I can tell you the name of the book! PROJECT HALIELLE has an estimated, very rough November 2014 release date stamped on it. 

Of course, then we get into 2015, when A BRUSH OF FIRE, the sequel to A SHARD OF ICE, releases. I have nothing for this pretty book yet, and all I can say is, if you think the first cover will be chilly, this one will be smoldering hot. 

Mwahaha. I love these secrets! 

Oh yes! And then, I have some extra news. 

I'm happily designing covers for TWO anthologies releasing through a new publishing house in 2013, called Red Alice Press. One is a summer anthology, called SWIMMING SONGBIRD, the other a Halloween-based anthology called HALLOWED. The house should be doing a call for submissions sometime early next year, I'll make sure to post about it when they do. Until then, you can see some of my cover work for them below. Don't know about you guys, but I love SWIMMING SONGBIRD. It's so light and simple. 

That's about it for the list right now, but I know to never say never when it comes to new projects. What do you think, am I in over my head? Or am I finally getting the hang of this cover-design stuff?