Monday, November 5, 2012

It's that time! Let's run head-first into the wrap up on NaNoWriMo, Week #1!

Since I've never done this type of collection of posts, I'm going to try and put it all together in a sort of organized format. I'll tap on my progress and thoughts on the first week, then provide some links on some articles I've read over the last few days that match perfectly with the wicked rush of Week #1.

Alright, let's rock!

My Progress:

I know I originally said I was going into NaNo with the idea of using it for a variety of projects (editing/writing Riven, per example) but well, let's just say yesterday my brain hijacked all sense of time and responsibility. I posted online about how my brother had been playing one of these awkward, barely-makes sense rap songs (sorry rap fans) that I thought was titled Black Clouds. When I checked his iPod to see it was actually called Black Crowns, that was the spark that lit up my brain the rest of the day. By the time I got home, I was stewing with a synopsis for a very different type of novel I typically don't enjoy, much less write. As soon as my siblings vanished to bed for the night, I tackled my laptop, punched out a little over 3k, and officially had myself a NaNoWriMo novel.

Good gravy, I keep juggling story ideas in my brain.

Anyway, I have it all updated on my user here, and you can add me, too! Friends make this so much more doable; I'm one of those people who needs to see others doing it to keep going. Very monkey see, monkey do type.

So currently, for today's total based on the NaNo chart, par is 8,333 words. I'm clocked in at 3,053. To make par as of today, I'd need to wail on my keyboard and type a little under 5,300. As for my grand total, here's my bar!

Wrap-Up Posts & Articles!:

Most of the articles circulating online about NaNo carry the same, generalized message: write, keep writing, finish what you started last year, start something new, JUST START. If the blog posts aren't talking about prepping for your novel-writing journey, they're talking about how to keep going, not to fall to self-defeat, stuff like that. For someone like me, reading even a few of these can push me forward.

World Weaver Press has a guest article by Amalia Dillin, on the wild drive she gets during NaNoWriMo- and how she's pretty much forgotten about Halloween instead to prep for her midnight writing madness.

Lindsay Cummings, author of THE MURDER COMPLEX details a post on Manu-Suck Syndrome, followed by a slew of quotes from authors all across the board saying the same thing, "DON'T GIVE UP!"

(By the way, Lindsay, I didn't think they had something called Manu-Suck! Maybe that's what I was suffering from writing Riven. Hrmmmm.)

Publishing Talk shares a Boot-Camp punch for Week #1, and gives you some ideas to toss into your manuscript as you write along. (I kind of like Day 7's prompt. Who IS knocking at that door?)

And lastly, Word For Teens has a post by Siobhan Vivian, author of THE LIST, on writing a strong female character. We all know our females could use a bump up on strength. (Yes, I'm looking at you Isabella Swan.)

Oh, and for a giggle, I figured I'd include my favorite screen shot Twitter post to round off the Wrap-Up.


  1. Yayyy keep up the good work!
    You can do it! :D

    1. I'm like Adele right now, rolling in the deeeeeeeeeep! Deep into a story, that is. ;)

  2. Thanks for the linkage!! Good luck making it to 50K this month!!