Saturday, November 24, 2012

Are you ready for two weeks of sneak peeks, prizes, interviews, and more? Well, you should be! The madness of the RIVEN tour has officially begun!

Over the next two weeks, I'll be popping by each stop on the list below, answering questions, offering pieces of RIVEN that might drive you borderline insane, and a rafflecopter giveaway filled with all kinds of signed goodies (signed? yeah, you read that right) ranging from bookplates for your copies, bookmarks, and who knows what else I may toss in at the last minute.

Tour list and links!

NOVEMBER 26TH - Book Excerpt via Reading A Little Bit Of Everything
NOVEMBER 27TH - Guest Post via Reading Away The Days!
NOVEMBER 28TH - Guest Post on being an Indie Author via Stan Brookshire AND Interview via We Do Write
NOVEMBER 29TH - Character Interview via Reading Under the Stars
NOVEMBER 30TH - Post via BelleBooks
DECEMBER 1ST - Book Reviews via Book Briefs
DECEMBER 2ND - Review of ILLUMINE via Roland Capablo
DECEMBER 3RD - Review of either ILLUMINE or OBUMBRATE via Just Me, Myself and I 
DECEMBER 4TH - Character Casting, Possible Review of ILLUMINE and OBUMBRATE via Michelle's Paranormal Vault Of Books
DECEMBER 5TH - Character Interviews with Essallie & Kayden via Hopelessly Devoted Bilbliophile AND Guest Post via Frankie Rose, Author of SOVEREIGN HOPE
DECEMBER 6TH - Post via Mademoiselle Le Sphinx
DECEMBER 7TH - RIVEN Release Day Party via Facebook + Twitter 
DECEMBER 8TH - Post via Uniquely Moi Books
DECEMBER 9TH - Guest Post on Writing Process + Reviews of ILLUMINE and OBUMBRATE via My Guilty Obsession

Speaking of last minute, I'll let you in on an early secret. You're really, truly, DEFINITELY going to want to join the RIVEN Release Day Party Page on Facebook. Why? Well, not only will you get a daily post of where in the tour I'll be each day, but when RIVEN releases on December 7th, I'll be giving away a KINDLE. (Yes, your eyes are reading that right, I promise!) It's only being given away on that page on December 7th, so if you're looking for that glorious e-reader, this is your chance. (hint hint, wink nudge.)

But if a Kindle isn't your fancy, and you're really looking for those other goodies, then you'll want to be eyeballing the rafflecopter below. But really, who isn't into Kindles at this point? 

And with that, I say, let the tour BEGIN! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. I WANT THIS BOOK!!!! The suspense is killing me! GO TEAM ANGEL!!!

    1. Team Angel, sounds like an Ari fan to me! Or maybe Essallie? Either way, you'll see them both in Riven. :)

  2. Such an amazing series!!! You rock Alivia!!!!

    Linda Foster

  3. Replies
    1. Does one rock if they're not a rockstar? Hrmmmm. ;) Thank you!

  4. I'm so excited for this book!! Is the giveaway international?

    1. Yes ma'am! (I probably should have mentioned that.)

  5. Team Kayden! I love me some bad boys :D