Wednesday, November 14, 2012

#NaNoWriMo Wrap-Up, Week #2

It's that time! Let's run head-first into the wrap up on NaNoWriMo, Week #2!

I'm so sorry this post is late! I've had this sucker all planned out and ready to post, but my back somehow managed to spontaneously go all mashed potatoes on me (I don't know how) and basically left me on the couch immobile for the last two days, save for food and aspirin. Hopefully you are all having better luck with bodily issues, and writing.

Alright, let's rock!

My Progress:

NaNo has always been one of those things that was slow for me. I'm not a fast writer, not unless a deadline is staring me so hard in the face that I snap and go full on pantser mode. But that doesn't mean I haven't been writing, or rather plotting and scribbling on random pieces of paper. Black Crowns is still doing well, I can feel it developing slowly, like carving a heart into a tree; it doesn't happen overnight, as much as I wish it would. 

Still, my word count is in the toilet. 

Once more, I have it all updated on my user here, and you can add me to your buddy lists, or ask me to do vise versa, etc. So long as I keep the heating pads and aspirin rolling in, I can semi-type. 

So currently, for today's total based on the NaNo chart, par is 23,333 words. I'm clocked in at 4,034. To make par as of today, I'd need to crush my keyboard, grab the Dragon program, and talk out 19,300 words. As for my grand total, here's my bar!

Let's just say, it's been a rough week.
Wrap-Up Posts & Articles!:

Since we're into the second week, the articles for NaNo carry the same, generalized message: get over the hump, shake your plot for new ends, hit that middle and DON'T STOP. This is the time where many of us run out of steam; we hit that 5-10k block and cry out, "I'm all out of juice!" or worse, we hit that glorious halfway mark and hate ALL OF IT, and want to start over. For the love of coffee and tea, DON'T. Just keep going. You can cut all you want later, just keep going for two more weeks. 14 days. 

Impatient Optimists has a post on why you should be in NaNo, and how some can influence droves of not only people, but kids, to write. 

James Scott Bell sports a post on five tips to give you a jolt on your NaNo Novel. (Obviously, I need this.)

Chelsea Mueller talks on setting up fights in writing, and what hits your character might be willing to take in the name of winning.

And lastly, Chloe Neill, New York Times Bestseller of the CHICAGOLAND VAMPIRES has a post on NaNo essentials! Small, cute goodies like pens and colorful notebooks really can rock your brain on and into something you didn't originally think about writing. 

(Example? I picked up a notebook from Claire's on sale, it was one of those SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN notebooks with a felt heart on the front and gorgeous swirls. That sucker has opened my brain somedays easier than my Word documents do.) 

And now, for the wrap-up, my favorite NaNoWriMo related tweet for the week! No joke, I saw this tweet a little bit ago, and my jaw dropped. Finish those novels, NaNoers! 


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