Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yar. You read that right, matey. Head ter shore for and find the hidden chest, for thar be where the booty rest!

(I'm only talking like a pirate because apparently I'm like Captain Hook from Once Upon a Time, or so says some Facebook quiz. Kind of digging it. Might rock some eyeliner and write a pirate novel for giggles. Kidding. Sort of?)

Last week, I promised all you scoundrels a post on all the release schedules and details on each book releasing in 2014. And of course, if you were hanging out on my Facebook page last night, you'd know I also promised a chance to win some more of those neat little collector cards for A Shard of Ice, the very same ones that have a unique website on the back to an upcoming website for the new series. 

So I thought, why not put the two together? Yar? YAR! 

So without further adieu, here's a release schedule with details you can sink yer teeth into;

February 17th - An Ice Princess Kiss: A Shard of Ice Novella #2
- This one has been pushed back twice. Once by me being sick, and once by me realizing it needed editing, badly. You think the first draft of Illumine was bad (it was, it really was) you did not want to read this in the state it was. February 17th it will release (finally) and you'll get to read so much more than the first draft carried.

SYNOPSIS (from Goodreads): The first time Lilix Morgan met Kyle Ambrose, she knew her life would never be the same. Captivated by his gentle charm and curious itch to know about her shrouded past, she struggles to keep him at arm's length before he discovers her true nature. But when a power outside force seeks to end Kyle's life, Lilix may have to do more than reveal herself if it means saving his soul.

March 4th - An Ice Princess Symphony: A Shard of Ice Novella #3
- Following the second novella, this one I had to re-work a little bit, so it was pushed back twice, too, for the same reasons. A lot more was added to this one, giving readers a chance to see not just who Lilix is, but also see the other four primary characters that haven't had much time yet. 

SYNOPSIS (from Goodreads):  Nearly a year has passed since the events that transpired between the five Originals in Ice Princess Kiss, and Lilix is still no closer to finding their missing link than the day she began to look. One evening while returning home, she stumbles across a girl in the street, a girl who cannot remember the last year, only the frightening knowledge that she was held captive by an immortal enemy Lilix had thought long dead.

March 25th - An Ice Princess Dream: A Shard of Ice Novella #4
- Still on schedule as planned! 

SYNOPSIS (from Goodreads): When Lilix begins to experience frightening nightmares of their tragic deaths, she races against the clock to save them all from a final fate. But the unlikely turning of someone closest to her will put all five of them in jeopardy in ways she never thought possible. 

April 14th - A Shard of Ice (The Black Symphony Saga #1)
- I have been getting asked a ton about ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) for this book, both in paperback and ebook (and some in hardback), so I'm here to let you all know what is up with that. I will have a really tight number of paperback ARCS, and they will be going strictly to bloggers who agree to review and sign up for the ASOI Blog Tour that will be running all April. Readers have the chance to win two ARCs currently on Goodreads here, and I will probably have one more to give out with a signed swag pack mid-February, but that will be it. No hardback ARCs. Ebook ARCs will also only be given to bloggers who agree to review and sign up for the ASOI Blog Tour. The sign-up sheet for the A Shard of Ice Blog Tour will go up in a blog post at the end of this week; bloggers are encouraged to sign-up immediately if they want to be considered for an ARC, but more details on all of that will be posted in the blog post this week. 

May 20th - Alacrity (Illumine #4)
- I've been very hush-hush about this until I posted that little teaser picture on Facebook for the new banner, and I still have to be pretty hush-hush, but here's what I can share with you:
1- Alacrity is NOT the final book to the series. 
2- There will be several chapters from Kayden's POV, and it is very important. 
3- Someone to the central point of the plot WILL die.
4- Alacrity will be released with two different covers at the same time.

Two covers?! Yar, two covers, matey. Readers who have the older Illumine style cover with the blue fire and white pendant will be able to continue their series with the same set of covers, and readers just getting into the series with the newest covers courtesy of Mae I Design will be able to collect them steadily as well. I'm not leaving any one hanging on this, promise. 

June 16th - Lucid Echelon (Dream Chronicles #1)
- This is going to be a new, but short, trilogy releasing steadily over the summer. I can't share too much information on this one, either, but what I can tell you is that it involves Elves in a different twist then you typically see, and takes a curious approach to the idea of dreams and how we interact with them. Each book in the series will release one month apart, so readers will be able to devour this series in a very short time with no wait at all. At this time, the second and third book do not have titles, and will be released July 17th and August 18th, respectively. 

November 17th - Untitled (Illumine #5)
- Yes, you're reading that right. Six months after Alacrity, the newest book in the Illumine Series will release. It is NOT a novella, and it is NOT a spin-off novel; it is a full-length novel following what happens in Alacrity continuing with the center cast. 

December 12th - The Unwanted (Unwanted #1)
- I know, I know. What about Unwanted, it released in July, right? Well, yes and no. Some of you might have noticed, but Unwanted was pulled from all areas shortly after release. To make a very painful story short, I didn't think it was ready, the story is a little out of my element for my pen name of Alivia Anders, and it was more than a stand-alone. I decided to take this back to the drawing board, work on it a little bit, and re-publish it under a separate pen name called Silver Roxen. I'm not going to hide the pen name, I'm just not going to tie it directly to my Teen YA writing because the divide is so great, a lot of readers were confused by the obvious difference in style and reader level. Expect to see this in December. 

Looking back, that's a heck of a lot of think about in the near future. But hey, it'll be so worth it, right? Now, you made it this far, and I promised some Shard of Ice cards, right? 

This time, I have 50 cards to give out for US and INT! 

This is what you need to do to get one of those cards:
Go to Facebook (specifically here) and read the pinned post! 

Now off with ye! Walk the plank! Swab the poop deck! Why is the rum always gone? Oh right, because I found this scalliwag on me way out of port...


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