Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Everyone Loves a Giveaway!

Yes, everyone loves a good giveaway, but first there is a trial. A trial of fire. A burning ball of flames so flipping hot there's nothing you can do but watch it slowly smolder to a heap of ash, only to re-start the fire all over again. Ahhh, fire. There's nothing like a good, old fashioned, burn-your-worries-away fire.

Specifically, one my manuscript notes from three years ago just went through this morning. 

Part of me wants to explain, and part of me doesn't. Maybe if I leave no explanation save for a few cackles you'll all think I'm insane, or maybe you'll just go through my Twitter, find out I was discussing burning it with a fellow writer CA Moulton, and do it partly for kicks, partly for giggles, and all for retribution. 

Big burning pile of paper aside, I didn't lie in my title blog post. Through a very wonderful blogger, Janina over at Synchronized Reading was kind enough to host a giveaway of two digital copies of Illumine!

Curious about entering? Here's where you go! Best of luck!


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