Friday, January 6, 2012

You ever have that sinking feeling that you've forgotten something? You know, like when the back of your neck itches or all the hairs on your arm stand up and it isn't because it's negative one billion degrees outside? (Hello, PA weather.) And then you finally remember just as you sit down and start to write/paint/doodle on your notebook in Math class and it hits you so hard you...

Well, go kaboom.

Let's just say I'm there right now.

Yesterday I sat down to do a quick once-over on my precious book, thinking I could get it done in a few hours and make sure all my pieces make sense and fall into place and look pretty. So I went digging in my purse for the papers I was so-sure I had with me from work on Sunday. It's so perfectly envisioned in my head that I can see the blue ink and my ridiculous wannabe-high-school-girl handwriting bunched all over it.

But what's this? It isn't in my purse? ...of course not, because that would mean I actually didn't forget something for once.

This is the post I soon uploaded to Twitter following my spaz-out on the missing paper (aka MY FREAKING HOLY GRAIL)

Needless to say I quickly scrambled and tried to remember as much as the key details and little bits as I could and jotted them down. But next time I know better. Next time I make a plot sheet I'm taking a million pictures, sending them to various emails, and when that fails, well, I'll do what I told one person on Twitter...

Mustache time! 


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