Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SQUEE! (I feel like I've been saying that a lot recently.) Have you guys seen the front-and-back paperback cover for Illumine yet?!

All I can say is wow. And a whole bunch of other words like, "Flabbergastingly-wholy-moley-pickled-bacon-tongue AWESOME!"

Everything has been moving so fast since the 7th, I can't even explain it. Obumbrate, book two of the Illumine Series is already underway (yes Mom, that means you can read the draft soon) this week I'm popping up on a  couple of blogs, and from there it's only going forward! I'm still in shell-shock at how many bloggers have been kind enough to agree to read my book, given the no-name status. Book bloggers, you all rock!

I will keep you all up to date with where I'll be stopping at online, so check back often! These next few months are going to be one heck of a doozie.


  1. Congrats!!! So excited and only a little bit jealous...okay a lot jealous...but in a good way :)

  2. Hey Alivia, this is so great! i used Create Space as well, but I haven't set my distribution channels yet. Are you using the free distribution, or did you upgrade?

  3. Hi Heidi, thanks for checking out my blog! I upgraded for the expanded distribution channels, just because it gives me a wider audience to reach out to, you know?